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Hello Explorers! Welcome to our travel blog πŸ™‚

We love to explore beautiful places and the lanes less travelled to create lifelong memories. Since you are here reading this, we’re sure you do too! There is a sense of joy in exploring the world around us, and we want to share our ‘Joy of Exploring’ with you.

What’s in our blog???

For sharing on our blog, we choose the lanes less travelled over busy travel destinations. We live in British Columbia, Canada and our travelogues mainly cover the backroads in BC. We also write posts on unique places or destinations from our world travels, especially the places that really stick to our hearts or the ones that have limited travel information. These places are handpicked from our travel diaries, and we would really want you to visit if planning a trip to that part of the world.

All our trips are planned on a budget avoiding high expense travel style. We make the most out of what we have, and believe in having an authentic experience of the place.

Travelling is not just about seeing new places; it is a life experience of learning, un-learning, healing, and evolving. Our posts are for those who love to embrace the beauty of pristine nature, and feel the depth of places, its people, and history.

For all our road trips, we thank our two darling Jeeps that take us to these beautiful locations. Thanks for giving us joy in the journey, not just the destination!

We hope you enjoy our posts. Please drop us a line if you have any questions or suggestions. We would love to hear from you. Enjoy!

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There is a lot to explore. Keep Exploring πŸ™‚


  1. Bill Thomas

    your videos are amazing (i watched them all) you are a very good creator of your travel adventures…i will certainly be following your travels as i can relate to your “joy of exploring”

    1. admin

      Hi Bill, thanks for visiting our blog and our Youtube channel. We really appreciate the kind words of appreciation. This inspires us to keep sharing πŸ™‚

  2. Victor

    Hi. You have such an amazing and inspiring blog and YouTube channel. We are a family with four children and we want to get into off road travel and camping with the children. We are looking to get a Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro because it has 7 seats. Maybe you could send me an email with the maps you guys are using for your off road trips. Thank you so much,

    Vicror and Anca

    PS: a nice video for you guys worth watching in 4k:


    1. admin

      Hello Victor. Thanks for visiting and appreciating our blog. Glad to know that you are planning on getting Sequoia TRD Pro for backroad and camping trips. Please let me know which trip you are planning and we will share more information, feel free to email us at info@joyofexploring.ca

      Thanks for sharing the video!

  3. Gurbir kaur

    Simply amazing..loved reading about all the places in ur blog and about u too. I could feel the beauty of mother earth through ur clicked pics.. couldn’t get my eyes off it.. truly its the best blog for those who want to discover new places n wanna go on vacation to peaceful places ,far away from the maddening crowd. Thanks for sharing ur experience. Waiting for more..
    all d best guys. πŸ€—πŸ€—

  4. Romita Dayal

    Wow! My most favorite thing to do is explore and visit different places and meet different people! You done an amazing blog and i look forward to seeing all the beautiful places you are going to visit!! Very proud of you both!!

  5. Hazel Dhaliwal

    Beautiful blog! Thank you for sharing with the world your adventures and giving us insight on places we can explore ourselves. Going through your blog feels like one is living the experience themselves. Looking forward to seeing and reading more about your future travel journeys. Keep it up!

  6. Inderjit Grewal

    Hello young couple
    It’s nice to know about your interest to travel the roads less traveled as it’s only there we can explore. Nice efforts to amaze people with pristinely places of 🌎 world by road trips.
    Keep Exploring ,Keep Posting
    Stay safe

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