Alexandra Bridge

Alexandra Bridge is the site of the original Cariboo Wagon Road bridge that crosses over the mighty Fraser River. Around 1850s this area was an important trading and shipping hub of the Hudsons Bay company. The bridge construction was led by Joseph Trutch in 1863 with the hard labour of First Nations and Chinese workers. Some workers also lost their lives working in this treacherous terrain. The bridge is named after Princess Alexandra of Whales.

The Alexandra Bridge Provincial Park was established in March 1984, which provides access to limited recreation opportunities such as cycling, fishing, and hiking. The park has various picnic tables and outhouses.

The Provincial Park is situated adjacent to the Fraser River approximately two kilometres north of Spuzzum and aproximately 40 km north of Hope. You can access the park via Trans Canada Highway, and enter a fairly large parking lot. The parking lot can get busy during the summer months when there are high volume of travellers.

View from the Alexandra Bridge, looking towards the modern day highway bridge

The historic bridge is 10-15 minutes trail from the parking lot. The trail runs through the day use area of the park.

The Bridge is surrounded by some magnificent views of the rugged canyon, steep cliffs, and spectacular view the Fraser River flowing underneath.

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