Battle Creek Forest Service Road

Battle Creek Forest Service Road is a very scenic and beautiful short drive through semi-arid grasslands and hills. The dry climate creates a desert landscape, which contains sagebrush and juniper.

It offers unique driving experience, especially if you are accustomed to driving on FSRs in the BC Coast and Mountains. Battle Creek FSR is a highly recommended side trip if you are travelling on Highway 1 from Cache Creek to Kamloops or vice versa.

Note: Battle Creek FSR is permanently closed at approx 4.5 km. However, you can still drive until 4.4 km mark and enjoy the scenic views.

Check out our video for a virtual experience of the Battle Creek FSR
How to get there

Battle Creek FSR turnoff is approx 18 km from Cache Creek on Highway 1, driving eastbound towards Kamloops. The turnoff for Battle Creek is near the viewpoint on the main highway.

Likewise, if you are driving from Kamloops on Highway 1 westbound, the turnoff for Battle Creek FSR is approx 3.4 km west of Juniper Beach Provincial park turn off.

If you plan to spend a night in the area, the Juniper Beach Provincial Park offers excellent campsites overlooking the Thompson River.

Exploring the Battle Creek Forest Service Road

As you start the ascent on the rolling hills, you will see spectacular views of the Thompson River.

Along the road, you will see some wildflowers and sagebrush plants.

Wildlife Viewing Opportunity: The dry sagebrush areas are home to Western Rattlesnakes. At about 4 km down the road, we spotted a fox.

Useful Links

Thompson Rivers Natural Resource District Road Safety Information

Juniper Beach Provincial Park

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  1. Erin

    This is fantastic, thank you for sharing! Will take a wander through this area next weekend.
    Beautiful shots of the flora and fauna, however that β€œfox” is actually a juvenile coyote! ☺️

  2. Inderjit Grewal

    The serpentine road in the bushy area looks awesome. The shots of flora add beauty to the place The wildlife click gives a good confrontation
    The campsite looks great!!!!πŸ‘

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