Birkenhead Provincial Park

Birkenhead Lake

Birkenhead Provincial Park

Birkenhead Lake Provincial Park offers spectacular views and serenity of lakeside wilderness camping. The campground and day-use area are easily accessible via vehicles. The Campgrounds are open from May to September.

Birkenhead Provincial Park

In 1963, the area became a Provincial Park in an attempt to deliver lakeside camping and other recreation experience to visitors. The park currently has approximately 10,439 hectares of area, which adds significant conservation values of the Sockeye Creek Watershed.

The park consists of Birkenhead lake, several small lakes surrounded by old-growth forest, sub-alpine, and alpine environments. The park protects habitats for a wide variety of flora and fauna, including spotted owls, mountain goats, black bears, and grizzly bears.

How to get there
Birkenhead Lake driving direction

The park is located approximately 90 km north of Whistler. Drive on Hwy 99 North from Whistler. Upon arriving in Pemberton, continue on Hwy 99 towards Mount Currie.

From Mount Currie, keep straight and follow signs for D’Arcy (above photo). Drive for approximately 34 km and then turn left onto Blackwater Lake Rd. The Blackwater Lake Rd is a loose gravel road, and you will have to drive for about 16 km to get to the Birkenhead Lake Provincial Park.

Birkenhead Provincial Park

Note: There is no cellular service in the park. The entrance gates are closed from 10 pm to 7 am.

Birkenhead Provincial Park

Hiking: There are some excellent hiking options, including Wilderness Trail (2 km long hike), Birkenhead Lake Trail (8 km trail), and Goat lookout (1 km trail that is rough and steep but has best views of the lake.

Fishing: Birkenhead Lake offers a good fishing option for Kokanee and Rainbow Trout. Please visit the BC Parks website for Fishing information or required licensing.

Swimming: There is a sandy section of the lake that offers a good swimming opportunity on a beautiful sunny day.

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  1. Rhonda

    The Birkenhead park wilderness campsite along the lake is closed.due to dangerous trees. Camping is allowed only in the campground.

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