Burano: The colorful Island of Lace

Burano is one of the many islands in the Venetian lagoon of northern Italy. This colorful island is a paradise of brightly colored houses, balconies with multicolored flowers, traditional boats, and blue waters.

The name ‘Burano’ comes from ‘Porta Boreana’, which means the northern door to the city.

How to get there
View of Burano coming from water taxi

You can access the island of Burano by different private and public transportation (water taxi) from the main island of Venice or Murano (the island of glass). It is suggested to plan a day trip to Burano and Murano on the same day from Venice.

The Burano’s leaning bell tower has square-shaped and renaissance neoclassical architectural features. It was built in the seventeenth century and has undergone several restorations over the centuries. The tower stands 53 meets high and has an inclination of about 1.83 meters concerning its axis due to land subsidence.

This island is very famous for its needle lace and tapestry. Shop through these colorful lanes for beautiful artistic stuff.

Tip: Browse through the shops before buying a product. Like most of the islands in Venice, this place is full of tourists eager to buy souvenirs. Therefore, make sure to bargain and double-check the prices with other vendors in the town.

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Official website of Burano in Italy

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  1. Inderjit Grewal

    The πŸ’¦ water in surrounding adds to the vibrancy of the bright painted houses.The island reflects it’s beauty with the neoclassical bell tower.
    Worth visiting
    In The first pic you have posted,it looks as if it is welcoming you with open arms .

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