Grasslands and Rolling Hills

Grasslands and Rolling Hills of the Thompson-Nicola region are one of the scenic grasslands in British Columbia.

If you love rolling hills, green grasslands, historic ranches, cattle farms, shimmering lakes, and colourful wildflowers….This route is yours to follow….

We camped at Monck Lake Provincial park, situated along the Nicola Lake. We planned a backroad circle route from Quilchena to Douglas Lake via Pennask Lake Road. This circle route is approx 74 km, with majority of the drive on the dirt road.

Check out our Youtube video for a virtual experience of the Grasslands and Rolling Hills

How to get there

If you are coming from Merritt, take highway 5A North towards Kamloops. After driving for approx 24 km you will arrive at Quilchena, BC. Quilchena is located on the east shore of Nicola Lake.

The turn off for Pennask Lake Rd is one km north of Quilchena Ranch General Store. This is where we filled up the gas tank and started our journey through the grasslands.

The first few km of Pennask Lake Rd is paved, and then it turns into a dirt road. Overall, the road was in good shape for 4×4 or AWD vehicle. This stretch of road is very scenic.

We did not come across any vehicle while driving on this road.

After driving on Pennask Lake Rd for approx 22 km, you will arrive at a fork, continue driving left on Douglas Creek Road if you intent on driving to Douglas Lake.

Drive on Douglas Creek for approx 15 km, and you will arrive in Douglas Lake.

Exploring the Grasslands

Flora in the Grasslands

Spectacular Landscape


Antique Buildings

Views of Douglas Lake
Douglas Ranch

Douglas Lake Ranch is Canada’s largest working cattle ranch. The Ranch gets its name from John Douglas Sr., who homesteaded his first 320 acres along the lake.

The Douglas Lake General Store is still housed in one of the original Ranch buildings, and is open to serve families living and working on the Ranch.

Useful Links

Douglas Lake Ranch

Monck Lake Provincial Park

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