Kaoham Shuttle: Lillooet to Seton Portage

Kaoham Shuttle is considered to be one of the most scenic and economical train trip in the world, surrounded by high mountains, vertical cliffs and turquoise water of Seton lake. The Kaoham shuttle links the town of Lillooet to remote lakeside communities of Seton Portage and Shalalth, BC.

In the St’at’imc language, the word “Koaham” means “to meet the train”.

How to get there:

The Kaoham Shuttle runs daily between Lillooet and Seton Portage. The train station is located in the 1300 Block of Main Street, Lillooet.

Trip Charge: $5 per person

The train journey is approximately 45-50 minutes one way.

Saturday – Thursday: The shuttle makes one trip from Seton to Lillooet and then back to Seton.

On Fridays: For those interested in a day trip, the shuttle offers additional service as it leaves Lillooet in the morning and returns back in the afternoon.

Note: Before planning a trip, please call (250) 259 8300 to confirm the schedule of the shuttle as it is subject to change. The shuttle runs on schedule. DO NOT be late.

Sit back and enjoy majestic views

After the beautiful journey, the train arrives in Seton Portage.

Seton Portage is the first site of railway in British Columbia. If you are planning a return trip on the same day, it is advisable to let the driver know. You will have about 2-3 hours to spend in Seton (please confirm with the driver).

Stroll along beautiful lanes, meet friendly residents, enjoy lunch at a cafe 🙂

If you’re staying- please check out Lil’tem Hotel, Seton. http://liltemmountainhotel.com

Goodbye Seton. See you next time 🙂

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Lillooet Visitor Information Centre

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