Levette Lake, Squamish

Levette Lake is a spectacular lake with a beautiful backdrop of Tantalus Range. A full second-growth forest surrounds the lake, which makes it more serene and beautiful. It is a perfect getaway spot for day use, picnic, swimming, paddle boarding, and camping in the backcountry of Squamish.

Note: There are some private homes around the Levette Lake. Visitors are required to stay on the provincial recreation site area only.

The lake is in the Paradise Valley area, which is north of Squamish, BC. Levette Lake is accessible by a rough road (4×4 / 4WD only) or hiking.

How to get there
Squamish to Levette Lake Driving

Levette Lake is approximately 20.3 km from the Squamish, BC (intersection of Highway 99 and Cleveland Ave). Continue driving on Highway 99 North for 9.5 km after crossing the intersection of Highway 99 and Cleveland Ave.

Turn left on Squamish Valley Road (Opposite the Alice Lake Provincial Park). Continue driving on Squamish Valley Road for approx 3.5 km, and after crossing the bridge stay on right towards Paradise Valley.

Continue driving on Paradise Valley Road for 2.3 km and turn left on Levette Lake Forest Service Road (signs for Evans Lake).

Levette Lake FSR at Paradise Valley Rd Turn Off
Levette Lake FSR at Paradise Valley Rd Turn Off
Levette Lake FSR at Paradise Valley Rd Turn Off
Levette Lake FST from Evans Lake Gate
Levette Lake FST from Evans Lake Gate

Slide the above image for driving map from the turnoff from Paradise Valley Road, and comparatively the Y junction at the entrance of Evans Lake.

The first section of the road (approx 1.2 km) ascends on a winding and partly paved lane. The first section of the road is in good condition for 2wd vehicles.

After the first section of the road, you will arrive at a fork. On the left, there is a gate for Evans Lake, and signs for Levette Lake on the right. On the right, there is a small space to park your vehicle if you are interested in hiking to the lake.

Continue to stay on Levette Lake Forest Service Road for approximately 3.3 km. This stretch of the road is rough and has loose rocks, so 4×4 vehicles recommended.

Enjoy your drive till you reach the parking area for Levette Lake. There is a small parking area for visitors.


There are limited camping spots, but this campground offers beautiful campsites in a quiet and serene environment. The only downside is that the campsites are not along the shore of the lake. However, each campsite offers some privacy and partial views of the lake.

The overnight fee is $13 per night, per vehicle or group of 6 people per site.

Note: There is no garbage pick up service in the campground. Visitors are required to take all garbage out with them.

Caution: This is a wilderness area Campground, Bears might be present. Keep all food in a cache.

The Lake
Surrounding Forest
Levette Lake in Winter

We went to the lake around first week of March this year, and the winter views were spectacular.

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  1. Kevin

    Hey! Thanks for the info. I haven’t been up here in 10 years or so now and I remember the road being pretty bad, but have heard recently they’ve improved it. What’s the status? I’ve got an all wheel drive CRV.

    1. admin

      Hi Kevin, thanks for visiting our blog. Mostly the road is in good shape (as per typical loose gravel road standard), just one steep section by the bridge. Your all wheel drive should be fine. Drive safe and enjoy your trip 🙂

  2. Jessica

    Thank you so much for sharing this, gorgeous photos! Exactly the serene setting I’ve been looking for.

    I have a Range Rover Evoque so not a ton of clearance, I’m curious if there were any deactivated sections (big ruts) or is it more standard loose gravel and potholes of a typical logging road?

    1. admin

      Thank you for visiting and appreciating our blogpost, Jessica. There are no washouts or stuff, mostly the road is in good shape (as per typical loose gravel road standard). There is one steep – rough loose gravel section by the bridge, however your AWD Range Rover should be able to make it. Drive safe and hope you have a great trip 🙂

  3. Inderjit Grewal

    Levette is mesmerizing in winter !!!🌷
    I have seen people are very close to nature in BC
    Which mountain is at backdrop??
    Your mind soothes as you go through these pics.

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