Liard River Hot springs

Liard River Hot Springs

Liard River Hot Springs is the second-largest hot spring in Canada. These surreal hot springs are situated in a natural setting of the beautiful lush boreal spruce forest and are accessible year-round. The water in the public pool is between 42°C to 52°C and offers a relaxing environment in a stunning and romantic location.

It is the highly recommended stop along the world-famous Alaska Highway before reaching Watson Lake, Yukon. It is a perfect place to relax after driving on the highway for a long time.

The First Nations people have used these hot springs long before the arrival of Europeans. During the construction of the Alaska Highway, these springs became a prominent location. In 1957, the area became the Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park in an attempt to protect these second-largest springs in Canada.

Liard River Hot springs
How to get there

Liard Hot springs are located at 765 km of the Alaska Highway, and approximately 60 km north of Munch Lake Provincial Park.

O Mile Alaska Highway to Liard River Hot Spring

Watson Lake is approximately 208 km north of Liard River Hot Springs. Please visit our other post about Watson Lake.

Liard Hot Springs to Watson Lake driving map
Hot Spring Pool

The hot spring that is open for the public is known as the Alpha pool, which is accessed by approximately 8-10 minutes walk using the boardwalks. The boardwalk crosses a warm water swamp, where you can spot tiny fish. Wildlife spotting is frequent in the area, including moose and bears.

The area surrounding the pool gives a tropical feel because of the thermally influenced species of plants. The pool water ranges from 42-52°C (108-126°F). The closer you move towards the source, the hotter the water gets.

There are change rooms and washrooms near the Alpha pool area.


Even though the park is open year-round, summer is a busy time. If you are interested in staying in the campground, you can make a reservation between May and September. Reservation takes place through the Discover Camping website.

Liard River Hot springs
Wildlife Viewing

Wildlife is abundant in the Liard area, and you can easily spot moose, bears, and herd of Bisons right by the Alaska Highway.

Smith River Falls

To visit Smith River Falls, drive north on Alaska Highway towards Watson Lake for 28.6 km and turn right towards Smith River Falls. Enjoy the hike with spectacular views of the falls.

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