Lillooet River FSR

Lillooet River FSR (aka Upper Lillooet FSR) is an industrial use very scenic road and offers spectacular views of Lillooet River.

Note: Lillooet River FSR is subject to a high risk for landslide and avalanche. As per the British Columbia Resource Roads Safety Information, unscheduled closures of the road can happen without advance notice if conditions exceed the defined limits of landslide risk (See Landslide Risk map in the additional information below).

Area of 2010 Landslide – Mt Meager

Overall the road is in good condition, however only 4wd/4×4 vehicles are highly recommended.

Note: There are no services and cell coverage on this route.

How to get there

If you are driving on Hwy 99 North from Vancouver / Whistler, turn left on to Pemberton Portage road (Petro Canada gas station/ MC Donalds intersection).

At the round about, take 2nd exit onto Portage road / Birch road. After following the road for approx. 150 meters, you will reach a T intersection, turn right towards Pemberton Meadow road/ prospect street.

Continue for approx. 23.5 kms on Pemberton Meadow road, then turn right on Lillooet FSR. 

The journey begins….

Check out our Youtube video for a virtual experience of the Lillooet River Forest Service Road

Along the route you will definitely embrace the biodiversity. The uniqueness of driving the Lillooet FSR is that the scenery changes quite rapidly from meadows, to river banks and rugged terrains. With the changing terrain, you will notice different kind of trees and bushes along the way.

Spectacular views of the Lillooet River

We came across an inactive campsite (possibly closed due to high landslide risk in the area)

A very scenic location along the road

Getting close to the Keyhole Trailhead

Heading back now

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Road Condition of Lillooet River FSR #6123

Volcanic Landslide Risk Management Report

Keyhole Falls Hotsprings -Lilwatatkwa7 (Pemberton)

Additional Information

Volcanic Landslide Hazard Risk map for the Lillooet River Forest Service Road

Source: Volcanic Landslide Risk Management, Lillooet River Valley, BC

Keyhole Hotsprings

Keyhole Hotsprings and the Keyhole-Líl̓watátkwa7 Trail are closed from April 1 to November 15 annually to support grizzly bear recovery efforts.

The trailhead for Keyhole Hotsprings is located at 42 km on the Upper Lillooet FSR.

Meager Creek Hotsprings

Note: As a result of the 2010 landslide, the Meager Creek FSR is closed indefinitely. There is no vehicle or land access to the Meager Creek hot springs via Lillooet River FSR. The 2010 Mount Meager Land was a large catastrophic debris avalanche, which blocked Meager Creek and destroyed bridges and the road.

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