Northair Mine

The remnants of Northair Mine are located in the Callaghan Creek area, south of Whistler, BC. The colourful murals and artworks enhance the charm of this abandoned mine. Likewise, a beautiful small lake with a mountainous backdrop gives this place a unique look.


The production began at the Northair Mine in 1974 and continued till 1982. During that time, the mine produced 492,770 tonnes of ore, including gold, silver, copper, lead, and zinc. The production was suspended in mid-July 1982, mainly due to low grades and low gold prices.

How to get there

If you are coming from Vancouver, continue driving on Highway 99 North for about 46 km from Squamish, and then turn left on Callaghan Creek Forest Service Road.

If you are coming from Whistler, the turnoff is 12.7 km south of Whistler on Highway 99 southbound.

You will see a red colour Canadian Wilderness Adventures truck parked near the entrance of the Callaghan Creek FSR.

Northair Mine is approx 8 km from the turnoff for Callaghan Creek FSR. Within the 8 km drive, there is an elevation gain of approx 1902 feet.

Map to Northair

Note: Northair Mine is a bit tricky to find because there is no signage, and the turnoff is not very obvious. 4×4 vehicles recommended because the road is rough and subject to washouts.

Drive on Callaghan Creek for about 4 km till you get to a fork. Branch off from Callaghan Creek FSR by going right.

Continue Driving on this road as it climbs and winds through the forest.

Due to the higher elevation of this road, expect some snow in May. The best time to visit is between June and September.

Note: Callaghan Creek FSR is only driveable during the summer months. During winter, the road gets used by snowmobiles.

Check out our YouTube video for a virtual experience.

Enjoy the photos of the Mine!

The Lake

Northair Mine
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MIN File – Ministry of Energy, Mines, and Petroleum Resources

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