Promontory Lookout

Promontory Lookout was once home to a forest fire lookout station, which was dismantled in 2007 due to constant vandalism it faced. This lookout offers spectacular views of Merritt and Lower Nicola.

Promontory Lookout is located at an altitude of 5625 feet, which makes you feel you are on the top of the world. Choose a clear day to drive up and have a picnic while enjoying spectacular views. During our visit in July, there were many bugs around, so don’t forget to take a bug spray with you.

Note: The road is very rough, narrow and winding. 4WD/4×4 vehicle is highly recommended. During winter, the road gets seasonally deactivated due to snow.

Best time to visit is from late June to September. Even in June, there is a possibility of snow presence in shaded corners of the road. 

How to get there

The lookout is located northwest of Merritt, the access is via Promontory Lookout Forest Service Road that branches off from Highway 8 (Merritt to Spences Bridge). The turn off is approx 6 km from the junction of Hwy 97C on Hwy 8 (westbound).

The lookout is approx 13 km on Promontory Lookout Forest Service Road. There are some private properties along the first stretch of the road.

Note: There is active logging around 6 or 7 km mark. Watch out for logging trucks or listen to the radio channel.

Promontory Lookout Rec Site

Unique rocks and flora at the lookout

There are some radio towers just past the rec site.

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