Cat Lake, Squamish

Cat Lake is a hidden gem that offers a wonderful wilderness camping, picnic, and hiking experience. During the summer months, Cat Lake can be very busy over the weekends, and attracts young campers.


There are approximately 38 walk-in campsites, mostly spread-out around the lake. Campsite are only available on a first come, first serve basis and cost $15 per night.

Do not keep food or garbage unattended, this site attracts a lot of black bears. Bear caches are available throughout the campground. Remember to store food in caches only.

The Lake

The lake is beautiful and surrounded by dense forest. There are three docks (Wharfs) for swimming in the lake, but beach area is limited.

Hike in the Surrounding Forest

Take a stroll on the Lake Trail.

Useful Links

Cat Lake – Recreation Sites and Trails BC

Rec Site Map

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  1. Z

    thanks for this post. i think the picture of the map that you have included is out of date, when was your visit/photos from? I believe there are 48 sites. there were 50, but they just got rid of two on the north shore and replaced them with a new dock.

    1. admin

      Hello, thanks for visiting our blog. The photographs were taken in 2020, there might have been a change change since then. Thanks for the update!

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