T’Sek / Skookumchuck Hot Springs

T’Sek / Skookumchuck hot springs are located adjacent to the Lillooet lake, in the Pemberton volcanic belt on the sacred location of the In-SHUCK-ch and St’át’imc people (nkúkwtsa) of British Columbia. It is a spiritual and cultural site with a purpose to heal the spirit and body of the people.

T’Sek – A Place of Traditional Healing

The nkúkwtsa established a permanent village of (s7)ístken (pit houses) and plank houses along the banks of the Lillooet River, and a series of trails through the nearby forests to hunting grounds and neighbouring villages. The mineral hot springs at Tsek provided our ancestors with physical and spiritual wellness, while the loose, sandy nature of the soil made the cedar tree roots grow long and straight“.

Tsek’s hot and cold springs became the most important spiritual site in the lower Lillooet River Valley. It is said that the cool spring served as a healing pool where the Elder mothers trained men to be chiefs, watchmen, and other important positions in the In-SHUCK-ch Nation. Pronounced “chick”, Tsek Hot Springs (also known as Skookumchuck Hot Springs and St. Agnes’ Well Hot Springs) has continuously been occupied and utilized by the St’át’imc people as a location to heal and cleanse the body and spirit centuries before Europeans arrived along our shores” 

Source: https://www.tsekhotsprings.ca/history

How to get there:

From Pemberton, drive 99 North towards Lillooet. Upon reaching Mt. Currie, turn right to stay on Highway 99 North (Picture 2 above).

After driving for 10 kms, turn right on to In-SHUCK-ch Forest Service road.

Continue driving on In-SHUCK-ch FSR for 48 kms and enjoy your drive along spectacular Lillooet lake.

Daily Use RatesCamping & Hot springs
Vehicle N/a $10/night
Adult $7.50/day$10/night
Youth $5/day$7.50/night

Day use hours for Hot springs

Summer (9:00am – 8:00pm), Winter (9:00am – 6:00pm)

There are 30 campsites and camping is open year round. if you are interested in reservation, please visit  https://www.tsekhotsprings.ca/

T’sek Hot Springs has 12 tubs, including one cold water tub. The water is fed from the natural spring in the above photo. On the first glance the tubs might look a little scruffy, but trust me you will certainly fall in love with the place once you get in!

Finally, after having a relaxing time at the hot springs, we went further down few kilometres to visit Skookumchuck (Skatin) reserve.

Enjoy the photo gallery below!

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  1. Danny Lane Anderson

    As soon as possible, I look forward to the joy of exploring that wonder-filled valley too – partly inspired by this beauty-full post!

    Thank you for sharing these lovely words and photos.

    Danny, southern interior BC

    1. admin

      Dear Danny, Thank you very much for liking our post and photos. We are so glad that our post has inspired you to visit the Hot Springs. We look forward to hear about your experience- G & H

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